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Your story: Mohsin Ayub

Mohsin Ayub came to the UK as a student in 2001, and has progressed to running his own practice. The tech-savvy accountant enjoys time spent chatting to his client base. 

Your story: Mohsin Ayub
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  • Staff Reporter
  • February 13, 2020
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Describe yourself to us …

I am MD of Gibraeel & Co, an accountancy practice based in Wimbledon. I came here as a part time student in 2001. I received a lot of rejection letters telling me there was no job for me. I’ve kept them. Eventually a local firm employed me. I worked with them until 2005 when I completed my training, joining a commercial property investor in its finance department as an internal auditor.

During this time in commercial property there were clients I helped with their accounts, and I did this with my old practice. In 2010 I was in a position to take over the practice I started with, alongside a colleague. My son was diagnosed with cancer in 2016 so I took my leave, and now serve as a sole practitioner.

What is the most interesting part about your job?

My job is providing an all-round service, beyond just accountancy. I visit my clients to get to know their business more – otherwise it’s routine work. When I see them there are new and interesting stories, which helps me advise them more effectively and subsequently grow my own business.

Most embarrassing/funny moment in your career…

There have been many funny moments, but I’ve been through a lot and my priorities have changed. However, life is full of fun – if there’s no fun there’s no life. My career is a job role, but a fun one.

Best/most inspirational moment in your career?

When I first worked with an employer while also going to college, I wasn’t paid much – it was less than my rent. 

Down the line, I went to my employer and said: “I want to buy your practice.” It was a really inspirational thing – coming to the country as a student, becoming a professional and then starting my practice.  

Who is your role model, in life or in your career and why? 

My prophet Muhammad – he is the truth and the love. I would always want to be truthful and someone who is loved. Then I love everyone who is professional – they are my role models. 

Favourite food?

I eat everything! I really enjoy a chicken tikka or lamb karahi.

Most useful tech tool or app – and why?

I’ve always loved technology, and as I can code I have developed websites and applications myself. The two tools I enjoy using at the moment are AccountancyManager and TaxCalc.

How do you spend your time away from your role?

I love to go to North Wales to the national park – I have a big tent. I visited this summer on a quiet site.

Why is the future bright with the IFA?

The IFA has two very distinct niches – representing members in finance within small businesses, and sole practitioners. For me the latter is very important as I can share lots of information with them – it’s really great to have those discussions. I find the IFA’s management very professional and friendly.

What do you see as the path ahead for you and your career?

The path ahead is bright and good – since I’ve been here I’ve been working and running a business. I would like to try different lines of business and manage different things outside of accountancy. Maybe food production and distribution at large-scale, which is very interesting. 

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