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Wholesalers top HMRC’s £13m deliberate tax defaulters list

HMRC’s latest quarterly list of deliberate tax defaulters is topped by three wholesale suppliers, each of which paid over £1m in penalties for underpaid tax, while fast food outlets, hairdressers, hauliers and grocery shops also feature among the more than one hundred ‘named and shamed’ businesses found to be owing some £13m.

Wholesalers top HMRC’s £13m deliberate tax defaulters list
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Wholesalers top on tax defaulters list

Glasgow-based Zamco, a wholesaler of alcoholic drinks, paid £1.7m in penalties on around £1.9m of tax owing. Hobson’s Choice Stores from Sheffield had to pay £1.4m having failed to pay over £2m of tax owing, while Birmingham-based PRB Trading, which dealt in wholesale clothing, faced £1.6m of penalties for non-payment of £1.9m in taxes.

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