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Over 325,000 businesses now using MTD, says HMRC

Since launching Making Tax Digital, over 325,000 customers have registered for the service and over 180,000 VAT submissions have been received, the HMRC has said. 

Over 325,000 businesses now using MTD, says HMRC
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Businesses now using MTD

Since 1 April 2019 when Making Tax Digital for VAT became a requirement for the majority of customers with turnover above the VAT threshold, the service has gone from strength to strength, the HMRC said in its 72nd issue of the Agent Update

Having passed the first submission deadline of 7 June for the first monthly MTD for VAT submissions, the HMRC advised agents to ensure they and their clients have registered for MTD and are ready to submit their quarterly returns before 7 August. 

"We are now issuing reminder emails to customers to prompt them to meet the submission deadlines. These reminders will continue through June and July. We are also utilising our social media channels to show the importance of submission before the relevant deadlines," the HMRC said. 

The MTD requirement applies to around 1.2 million businesses. 

The HMRC earlier issued a step by step guide, advising agents on the necessary steps to take in order to help their clients transition to digital. 


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