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Government releases no-deal Brexit readiness report

The government has published a Brexit readiness report to inform businesses and citizens on what they need to do to get ready for Brexit on 31 October.

Government releases no-deal Brexit readiness report
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  • Maja Garaca Djurdjevic
  • October 09, 2019
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A Brexit no-deal readiness report has been published by the government, with PM Boris Johnson declaring that the UK is prepared to exit the EU without a deal on 31 October.

The document includes details of the government’s work to make sure that citizens and businesses are ready for Brexit on 31 October.

The report also sets out the preparation underway to ensure that goods continue to flow smoothly across the UK and EU border after Brexit, with measures in place and information given to traders, businesses and hauliers on what they need to do to prepare. 

These include:

  • the automatic allocation of Economic Operator Registration Indicator (EORI) numbers to 88,000 VAT registered companies across the UK that frequently trade with the EU;
  • postponed VAT accounting for both EU and non-EU imports, enabling VAT-registered businesses to wait until their next VAT return to declare and recover import VAT on goods – helping their cash flow and reducing costs at the point of import;
  • a Temporary Tariff Regime (TTR) for all imports, including from the EU, supporting consumers, business supply chains and those sectors in the UK economy that would most benefit from support as Britain leaves, for up to 12 months; and
  • HMRC sending 220,000 businesses guidance on the steps they need to take to import and export after Britain leaves the EU on 31 October.

“It is the top priority of this government, and principal focus of my job, to get ready for Brexit on 31 October with or without a deal. We would prefer to leave with a deal, and continue to work in an energetic and determined way to achieve one, but we must be prepared for all eventualities,” said the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Rt Hon Michael Gove MP.

Mr Gove assured that significant preparations have been underway for the last three years, adding that these have been accelerated under the new PM’s leadership.

“At every point, the government will be candid about any further challenges ahead as well as clear-eyed about the opportunities. Together, government, businesses and citizens are working so that we will be ready for Brexit on 31 October – and can look forward to the future with certainty and confidence.”

In a further move to get the country ready and to help ensure the UK’s health sector is prepared, the government has established a dedicated ‘support unit’ for suppliers of medical goods in the health sector. This is expected to help ensure that companies have the necessary customs paperwork in place for border arrangements ahead of Brexit on 31 October, if the UK leaves without a deal.

You can find the Brexit readiness report here.

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