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Member focus: Rana Shahzad Afzal Khan

Member focus: Rana Shahzad Afzal Khan

Rana Shahzad Afzal Khan is a CFO within an organisation that manages livestock. He is inspired by successful business people, and looks to learn a lesson from everyone he meets.

  • Staff Reporter
  • May 23, 2019
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Describe yourself to us

I am a member of various professional accountancy bodies that are well reputed nationally and internationally. I currently serve as a chief financial officer in government within the Punjab, Pakistan.

Why’s the future bright with the IFA?

IFA is an IFAC-recognised body and is one of the oldest accountancy bodies in the world. Students and members can benefit amazingly through this platform. Members’ networking in various CPD events is very beneficial for us. This helps in exploring new opportunities for mutual interests.

What’s the most interesting part about your job?

Currently I am working for an organisation related to livestock management. This has been a unique experience for me. Though I am not directly involved in the management of cattle, I get the chance to observe those who do. Even without knowing much about various cattle, observing them with an eye of a professional accountant has been interesting.

Most embarrassing/funny moment in your career?

When while during a visit to a farm some cows pooped in front of the top management. We couldn’t help laughing. Most embarrassing though? Well, when I first flew on an aeroplane I really was quite frightened…

Best/most inspirational moment in your career?

Whenever I meet successful business professionals. I find that they inspire me a lot, giving me motivation to work even harder.

Who is your role model – in life or in your career… and why?

All of my seniors and mentors are my role models. In other words, from those who I’ve learned a lot from. Everyone you take advice from is a mentor in one way or another.

Favourite food?

Daal Chawal (rice) with pickle. Nothing can beat it!

Most useful tech tool or app – and why?

I am not much into mobile phones and gadgets, but one app that really helps me in maintaining my weight is ‘My Fitness Pal’. Everyone should try it.

How do you spend your time away from your role?

I like to read books about history, I study the news about my field, and I like to spend time with my wife, kids, parents and friends.

What do you see as the path ahead for you and your career?

I would like to be considered as a leading chief financial officer - as a representative of the accountancy profession.

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