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Your world: Christian Ohene

We catch up again with Christian Ohene, and hear of big strides for the IFA.

Your world: Christian Ohene
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  • Staff Reporter
  • May 14, 2021
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We spoke over a year ago. What has changed in your life and career?

A year ago I wasn’t in Ghana, I was in India doing post-grad studies and working away from home, familiarising myself. I’m now back at work at the University of Health and Allied Sciences in internal audit.

What has happened in that time in your work with the IFA?

Working with the IFA has been so interesting, and I’ve been kept on my toes to deliver. I’ve seen myself in a new train of working, around culture and understanding people. There’s also been busy communications between myself and the IFA. The membership is increasing and member services are increasing.

Since we last spoke, what has happened in Ghana?

We’ve been in lockdown for almost half of the previous year and have just started normal activities again.

Have your thoughts on doing business in Ghana changed since we last spoke. If so, how have they changed?

Businesses are developing new ways of approaching their markets, with full support of the government for new foreign investment. Investment has become more lucrative and attractive. Accra has been chosen as Twitter’s African HQ – we have so many multinationals here.

What events have you run in the last 11 months on behalf of the IFA?

We have run online CPD webinars – our projection is to have one a month to equip the skills of our professionals. We have covered diff erent topics with diff erent speakers across the globe. Due to Covid-19 we have been unable to host a face-to-face meeting yet, but we hope to do so soon.  Secondly we have been able to project the IFA into a bit of popularity. Our social media is very active, and prospective member engagements are always done to make our institute ‘the one to join’.

What is the future of the IFA in Ghana, and why?

We will be an enviable association to join. Already we have a study centre for the IFA Direct programme. The Accra Business School is poised for the development of IFA Direct in Accra. We are looking forward to acquiring a new study partner to also run the Diploma in IFRS from the IFA.

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