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Your story: Michael Briggs

Long-serving IFA fellow Michael Briggs has transitioned back to practice from industry to support the smaller business community. The Yorkshireman is a big fan of technology in business and leisure. 

Your story: Michael Briggs
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  • Staff Reporter
  • August 07, 2020
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Describe yourself to us.

I joined the IFA in 1986 after moving from certified practice to industry and was honoured with a fellowship in 2011. I’ve spent the vast majority of my accountancy career in industry as an in-house financial professional, and in 2018 I started ABMS with the aim of returning to practice to be better placed to support the smaller business community. 

Why is the future bright with the IFA?

As with myself, the IFA has evolved to better reflect the changing nature of the role of the accountant in business and the skills and resources necessary for the modern accountant. The recent addition of Books+ to the fold is testament to the IFA’s commitment to remain at the forefront of accountancy practice and progressing the profession in general. 

What is the most interesting part about your job?

If I had to choose one specific part of the job I would now say that it is working with the people. It is the people that are the heart and soul of any business. Each and every person has a different viewpoint and objective, with a variety of backgrounds and stories to tell. 

Most embarrassing/funny moment in your career?

In the very early days of my career a practice I worked at was asked to be a part of the ‘grounding’ of the son of a prominent insolvency practitioner who wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. Years later, I came across the son again as I walked into my then FD’s office. He had clearly learned from his time with us as he apologised sincerely before handing me my redundancy papers. Ouch! 

Best/most inspirational moment in your career?

It is always nice to be appreciated for the work you have done, especially by your peers, and being recognised by The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire with both the Acclaim Award for Management Excellence and the Accolade for overall company achievement in 1996 gave me more belief to continue the development work I was doing. 

Favourite food?

Spaghetti Bolognese with oozing garlic bread. Practically anything, other than prawn cocktail crisps. 

Who is your role model, in life or in your career and why?

A tough one but it must be my family. My mum, who recently passed away, and my father, for instilling in me their values and stubbornness; my wife for her love, patience, understanding and for ironing my shirts. My kids; for keeping me on my toes and their comedy. They all remind me that there is much more to life than work!

How do you spend your time away from your role?

Playing on my Xbox One and forget the stress! Also, after more than thirty years of competitive amateur league snooker, I still enjoy playing club snooker and a knock-around and beer with my mates.

What do you see as the path ahead for you and your career?

Having enjoyed a varied and rewarding career over the last 30-plus years, I am now determined to support small and medium-sized businesses in my region and allow them to concentrate on running their core business through our ‘Vision2020SME Initiative’. 

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