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Your story: Felix Nana Boakye

Tech-savvy Felix Nana Boakye is a busy man; he administrates a pension scheme while supporting education and sanitisation programme in Ghana.

Your story: Felix Nana Boakye
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  • Staff Reporter
  • April 23, 2021
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Describe yourself to us … I work with Assemblies of God, Ghana, as the national administrator in charge of ministers’ pensions. I was previously the general manager of an enterprising and dynamic technology-based company that provides innovative cloud-based systems for financial institutions in Ghana and sub-Saharan Africa.

Why is the future bright with the IFA? I am advantaged and thrilled to be a member of IFA; to tap into the rich experiences of international professional accountants. IFA CPD will keep me in line with current industry trends and help me to be abreast with changes in the industry and the environment as a whole.

What is the most interesting part about your job?

Being a professional accountant helps me to analyse various budgets and financial statements of entities and governments. This guides me to advise and give professional financial education to SMEs, churches, and individuals with investment portfolios on the financial markets. This brings me so much pleasure and adds to my integrity as an accountant. It’s good to see people and entities reduce their risk levels in terms of investments and financing.

Most embarrassing/funny moment in your career … I joined a small business that deals with distribution of consumables. In my attempts to change the culture of the business I had to become the ‘truck pusher’, the driver, salesman, porter, cashier, special assistant and accountant at the same time. I did all this in my presentable outfit as an accountant.

Best/most inspirational moment in your career?

One of my best moments was when I did a presentation on a new banking platform for 30 specialists and professors in Nigeria to convince them to change from an existing banking software to my company’s new software.

Who is your role model, in life or in your career and why?

I have a number of role models but my current career role model is the present chairman of Assemblies of God Ghana Ministers’ Pension Board, Emmanuel Baba Mahama - for his virtues, boldness, principles and honesty.

Reverend Professor Paul Frimpong Manso is my life role model for his risk-taking skills, multi-tasking abilities and commitment to everything.

Favourite food? Assorted rice.

Most useful tech tool or app – and why? My Macbook. It is a business and personal tool that I use for 99.9% of what I do on a daily basis.

How do you spend your time away from your role?

I offer voluntary community services to NGOs in my local area that are engaged in sanitation campaigns, education and community projects. I have done this for the past 11 years. I also offer career counselling and guidance for youths, especially in my church, and also speak at some programmes and events as a finance and accounting professional.

What do you see as the path ahead for you and your career?

Specialising in management consultancy, assisting SMEs with their financials, looking at strategic management studies, and growing to become a fellow of the IFA.

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