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Women: Accept your greatness

IFA member Syeda Faraz wants to inspire women to achieve all they can. She uses her own experience launching a practice as a young mother to illustrate the highs and lows she went through.

Women: Accept your greatness
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  • Contributed by Syeda Faraz
  • April 04, 2019
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“Accepting who you are is your first and fundamental step to self-discovery.”

To all those wonderful women who make the effort to stay ahead of the game – I need you to believe in yourself.

Accepting who you are is your first and fundamental step to self-discovery. Try to understand your strengths, weaknesses and values – this will enable you to work towards bettering and empowering yourself.

One common factor that I have seen among ambitious working women is the guilt that comes naturally to many of those combining the roles of career woman and mother.

Like many other women, I finished my professional studies alongside my two pregnancies, dealing with 3am feeds for my beautiful babies. My business was in its own infancy when I was expecting my daughter, and she was very young when I had to make my way back to the office, as working from home was not feasible.

Dealing with that guilt, I consoled myself with the thought that my daughter would be proud of me one day, and that she will have a role model to look up to when she grows up. This thought process was easier said than done, though.

But I would like to assure all of those who fear to take this route that if you are destined to follow this path then you must, for it belongs to you.

When I chose to start my business at the tender age of 26, I was told by many that I was making the wrong choice and should be working for someone instead of starting my own accountancy practice. However, I did not let myself be influenced by other peoples’ opinion.

I had weighed up the risks and analysed the repercussions on my life while also seeing the potential rewards.

I have today established a successful practice that I believe will provide me with a good lifestyle – along with a purpose and a sense of achievement in life.

Syeda Faraz is the financial accounts manager at Buckinghamshire-based practice Save My Tax


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